The extremely successful German involvement in Formula 1, the popularity of the German Touring Car Masters and an extensive coverage in TV and print media, even the junior and entry-level classes have turned into a premium brand in the motorsports.

Dynamics, prestige, technology and also speed, passion and emotions are some of the positive arguments that are associated with motorsport.

The possibilities of sponsoring the potential motorsport professional Marcel Lenerz is flexible and can be fixed by contract according to your ideas.

Possible benefits of a partnership:

Advertising & Media
We offer not only the usual advertising space on overalls, vehicles, equipment, etc., also a marketing apparatus that allows you to find your logo in the media again.

Events & experience
We can turn the subject Motorsport for your customers, employees, etc. into an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of the impressive racetrack atmosphere in our VIP area for active customer loyalty or motivation of your employees.

Sport as an image carrier
Sports sponsorship provides a positive image and can be sensibly combined with attributes of your products or services. Marcel and his team are available to assist you for your events, fairs, etc.

Direct sales
Also the direct sales or the presentation of your products and services in the range of racing events, fairs, etc. is possible. On the small space of paddock there will be a big concentration of consumers of a specific target group. There is a great necessity for many goods and services groups in the direct environment of such events.


Klaus Lenerz
Garden Mountain Road 3
36251 Bad Hersfeld

Phone +49 6621-66694
Fax   +49 6621-66650
Mobile +49 172-3856065


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